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    Student portfolios are a form of student record keeping that documents educational growth and achievement. Portfolios are able to illustrate what your student has learned, how it was accomplished, what resources were used, and how much progress was made. Portfolios can serve many purposes in education. They can support self-assessment of academic progress, help establish a strategy for the school year, satisfy state requirements for homeschooling, and are a great resource for demonstrating achievement for colleges or employers. Portfolios also leave you with a keepsake of your school year that you can enjoy for years.

    The Academic Excellence Online Portfolio gives you all of these benefits while removing the stress of managing the process. No longer worry about organization, how to structure your portfolio, losing documents or information, what to include, or physically assembling your portfolio. Whether you maintain a showcase portfolio, a working portfolio, or an assessment portfolio, the Academic Excellence Online Portfolio gives you the tools and structure you need to be organized and save time.

    The Academic Excellence Online Portfolio allows you to record:

    • Important documents such as letters of intent and legally required documents
    • The goals for the school year
    • A curriculum list
    • Samples of daily work, tests, quizzes, exams, essays, reports, written work, and special projects
    • A reading list
    • A field trip list
    • A list of extracurricular activities
    • Information on awards and achievements
    • Attendance
    • Grades (allows you to print report cards)
    • A teacher's journal
    • A student's journal
    • Images, audio recordings, and videos


    All of this data is searchable, private, secure, and backed up so you never have to worry about finding this important information. Simply enter the information and at any time throughout the year click a button the generate a great portfolio report or report card. Click here to see a sample of a portfolio report produced by our online portfolio.

    When you purchase the Academic Excellence Online Portfolio, you are buying a portfolio for a specific grade level. This is a one-time fee with no hidden costs or costly subscriptions. Additionally, if you already use our online California Achievement Test, you'll be pleased to know that our online portfolio and online CAT are accessed from the same login!

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