Tutorials and Co-ops

What We Offer
Co-ops and tutorials provide opportunities for homeschoolers to share resources towards common academic goals. Academic Excellence (AE) is pleased to offer services and products specifically tailored for tutorials and co-ops. No matter what the size of your group may be, the AE achievement tests, ID cards, and diplomas can enhance your existing tutorial or co-op at a very cost effective price.

The Value
Through the AE Homeschool Group Program, tutorials and co-ops can choose to utilize any of the AE products and services, including achievement testing, student and faculty ID cards, and official diplomas. Each of these products and services can be customized to represent the identity of your homeschool organization. Our discounts for tutorials and co-ops make using our services very affordable and our flexible systems make utilizing them very easy.

The Convenience
AE understands that utilizing new products and services can seem like a time consuming effort, particularly when resources are limited. Through working with numerous homeschool organizations, AE has developed extremely flexible methods for making use of our services. Any of our services can be quickly and easily utilized by any tutorial or co-op.

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More Information
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