Untimed Achievement Tests

For students needing special accommodations, Academic Excellences offers the complete online achievement testing and practice online achievement tests in an untimed format.  Like the timed version, these tests provide a comprehensive assessment across reading, language, and mathematics. Tests are divided into multiple sections that can be easily administered by parents or educators. These tests can be taken over as many sessions as necessary based upon the schedule of the student and provide total flexibility over the course of a year to complete.

Tests are immediately scored at the time of completion and comprehensive results are instantly provided.  Scores for students taking the untimed version are compared with national norms for students taking the untimed version of the test.  Student score reports indicate that the test was administered without the time limits associated with the traditional test.

Our tests are completely online and require no special software to be installed. All of our services utilize a state-of-the-art computer infrastructure with the security and reliability necessary to let our customers focus on academics.