Learning Centers

What We Offer
Learning centers are valuable resources that provide students with an opportunity to engage in activities that enrich their learning under the guidance of academic mentors. Academic Excellence (AE) has successfully partnered with learning centers nationally to provide a means of assessing the academic achievement of students. Through the use of our online and paper California Achievement Tests, learning centers have established baselines for their students and utilized annual and semi-annual testing to demonstrate the progress of their students. AE also offers specialized California Achievement Tests which focus on specific subject areas, such as mathematics, reading, or language. These tests allow educators to focus on the academic areas that need attention.

The Value
Through the AE Learning Center Discount Program, learning centers are able to purchase the CAT on demand (at time of need) or in bulk (advance purchase), both at a discounted rate. Learning centers can then resell the tests to their customers and administer the tests in order to assess academic grade level achievement and a national percentile ranking of their students. By partnering with AE, learning centers incur no up-front costs, expand the services offered to their customers, and increase revenue. Everything required to administer the tests are included and no training is necessary.

The Convenience
With flexible ordering and payment terms, learning centers can sign up and start testing within 24 hours. Contact us now and receive a free sample California Achievement Test to see how convenient and valuable our testing service is.

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More Information
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