Private Schools

What We Offer
Academic Excellence (AE) has been blessed to work extensively with private schools in a number of capacities. AE is able to customize our products and services to meet the varying needs of private schools. By providing this level of flexibility to schools, AE allows the schools to make use of our products and services based upon their existing policies and practices. Whether utilizing achievement tests, ID cards, diplomas, or any combination, private schools can benefit from the high quality provided by AE at a very cost effective price.

The Value
Through the AE Private School Program, schools can choose to utilize any of the AE products and services, including achievement testing, student and faculty ID cards, and official diplomas. Each of these products and services can be customized to represent the identity of the school and can be easily incorporated into the existing practices and policies of the school. Our discounts for private schools make cost savings a reality while AE does the "heavy lifting" in order to provide these services so that the schools can focus on how they want our services implemented and our products customized.

The Convenience
AE understands that private schools vary widely in their policies and practices, and as such we have designed every product and every service to be flexible and customizable to the needs of the school. Our goal is to provide your school a high value product that you can be proud to offer your students, using the most convenient process for your school.

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More Information
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