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CAT Prep Pack: Grade 2 - PDF Download

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    Product Overview
    This downloadable and printable CAT Prep Pack from AE is intended to provide educators additional resources which will aid in preparing students for the California Achievement Test (CAT). Prep Packs include student worksheets which correspond to each section of the CAT and allow students an opportunity to brush up on the type and scope of questions which they will encounter on the test. Answer keys are provided with each Prep Pack to allow the educator to evaluate the completed worksheets and identify opportunities for focus prior to testing.

    In addition to the worksheets and answer keys, each Prep Pack contains a testing guide which outlines the sections of the test and provides details concerning the scope of each test unit. This information will allow educators to review with students concepts that will be encountered during the test. Other information within this guide describes the specifics of how the CAT is evaluated and tips for maximizing effectiveness of the testing process. The testing guide is intended to be an additional tool available to educators for providing students the best possible testing experience.

    Product Details
    Prep Packs are digital downloads in PDF format which can be printed after purchase. This Prep Pack includes:
      ·Worksheets: 14 pages
      ·Answer Key: 14 pages
      ·Testing Guide: 7 pages

    Ordering Details
    CAT Prep Pack grade levels are designed to correspond with the grade level definitions of the CAT. If you are purchasing a Prep Pack for a student that will be taking the 8th grade CAT, the 8th grade Prep Pack is appropriate. As with our California Achievement Tests, when ordering a test for end-of-grade testing, you should order the test indicating the grade level that your student will next be entering. For example, a student finishing 5th grade should order the test for 6th grade, indicating that he/she is entering 6th grade. Please rest assured that this will not cause students to be tested on material beyond what is appropriate, but will insure proper norming when test scores are evaluated.

    Licensing and Duplication of Worksheets
    All Prep Pack content is developed and copyrighted by Academic Excellence. When purchasing Prep Packs, authorized use of the materials across multiple students is as follows:
      ·Homeschool families may reuse the Prep Pack for all students in their family.
      ·Co-ops, tutorials, private schools, and public schools may reuse the Prep Pack for all students in a given classroom.
      ·Learning centers may reuse the Prep Pack for groups of ten students.

    If you have any questions on licensing or permitted use of the Prep Packs, please email

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    1. Loves this pack

      Used this to help my daughter study for her first ever test. She was nervous. But having a study guide helped her confidence so much that the test was a breeze. I highly recommend spending the extra 5 bucks on this. Easy to print at home and do. on 20th May 2024

    2. Thankful

      Amazing website and very reliable! on 7th Jan 2023

    3. Convenients of homeschooling

      First time homeschooling since 9/13/22 the homeschooling counselor waited until June 17,2022 to inform me of an annual assessment test. I was overwhelmed,straggling to find or ask teachers do they know of any educational programs or organizations that they could refer me to. Thanking GOD for Academic Excellence educational program this seems to me to be a very outstanding,reliable very professional, courteous, and cordial educational program we love this program, amazing customer service Thanks again. on 2nd Oct 2022

    4. First Year Success

      Amazing customer service after purchase and excellent materials. The assessment helped determine his weaknesses and provided great examples for practice. on 26th May 2022

    5. Love it

      Easy instructions to follow my son was loving it. I will be ordering the test very soon. on 3rd Jul 2019

    6. Great product.

      Great for preparing and testing my child! on 19th Aug 2018

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