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Grade Reporting System with Transcripts

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    The Grade Reporting System (GRS) from Academic Excellence provides educators an online system for recording course grades and producing report cards and transcripts.  The GRS is an easy-to-use system which allows users to manage course grades and produce school documents in five easy steps:

    1. Add school details
    2. Enter student information
    3. Configure school years
    4. Add classes
    5. Enter grades

    Key features of the Grade Reporting System include:

    1. Easy to use yet flexible
    2. Designed for K-12 
    3. Customizable to your school
    4. Manage your course grades by quarter or semester 
    5. No limit to the number of courses managed
    6. No limit to the number of school years managed. You can enter as many past school years as you like to produce a full and comprehensive set of report cards and transcripts.
    7. Usable on your schedule and available 24/7
    8. Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation
    9. Tracking of credits earned
    10. Tracking of attendance
    11. Tracking of high school requirements and electives
    12. You are in control of the process. There is no dependency on others to manage course grades and produce important documents.
    13. Works on tablets and smart phones
    14. Secure

    Types of people and groups using the GRS: 

    • Home educators
    • Co-ops
    • Tutorials
    • Learning Centers
    • Private Schools

    How to start using the GRS:

    1. Enter your student's first and last name and add the product to your cart. If you would like to purchase for multiple students, simply add one product to your cart for each student.
    2. Complete your purchase. 
    3. Within minutes of completing your purchase, you will receive an email with your login information for the Grade Reporting System. 
    4. You can login to the GRS and start using the system immediately.
    5. Purchasing of this product for your student provides you access to the GRS for that student for one calendar year. During that year, you can configure an unlimited number of school years and courses for your student.  You can also produce report cards and transcripts as frequently as you like.
    6. At the end of that year, you can choose to purchase access again and all your data will be retained.
    7. This is not an auto-renewing subscription. You choose if and when you want to pay for this product.


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    1. Lifesaver for the Procrastinating Mom

      I'm really grateful that I found this tool for tracking and reporting grades. I planned to make my own spreadsheet for transcripts and then found the process so time consuming that I never finished. This tool was inexpensive and created a very nice finished product with just a few evenings of entering grades and labels. on 6th Mar 2024

    2. It Worked!!

      I'm loving this. We were having trouble with government agencies and registering for college classes, which is when I went online looking in desperation for something that could help. I created (valid) grade reports and got student ID's, and these places never questioned them. My homeschooler now wants to try out "normal" school, and I am going to use this to create transcripts. I'll let you know how that works too. on 13th Feb 2024

    3. Useful

      It was easy to create the report and I didn't have to add any grades or standards. I could omit the address and phone number, add my homeschool name, choose the subjects, then download PDF. on 9th Aug 2023

    4. Awesome product!

      Love the transcript and report card product! Very user friendly and gives quality reports. on 28th May 2023

    5. Nice product

      Can set up your home school to appear more professional. Easy to enter student and enter grades. Can print report cards and transcripts. on 11th Dec 2022

    6. Great Purchase

      Worth every penny. You get professional report cards and transcripts. I am so pleased to have found this! on 24th Jun 2022


      What an amazing tool! I have created my own report cards for years and then purchased a transcript service. Then I had to retype all of the report card info into the transcript service database.

      This product allows me to record grades ONCE!

      I can now create report cards and transcripts after one data entry!

      I encourage you to purchase this item for easy record keeping!

      Thank you, Academic Excellence, for providing a professional product at a very affordable price!
      on 22nd May 2022


      I was intimidated by the task of creating a high school manuscript. I've paid for this service and was hoping to do it myself this time. After looking online for a template, this seemed like an incredible value. IT IS! Super easy to use and produces nice looking documents. My only suggestion would be to add an "IP" grading option for classes not yet finished. (Choosing "Select" does leave that space blank.) Thank you, Academic Excellence for such great resources! on 11th Apr 2021

    9. Easy to Use!

      I bought this to create report cards, so my son could apply to a local magnet school. I had thought I could find a free template online, but the only ones I could find that were appropriate for middle school were more expensive than this one. It has worked very well, and I will continue to use it as needed for report cards and transcripts. on 10th Feb 2021

    10. Awesome!

      I have been debating purchasing this for a while now. I finally did and I should have done it sooner! I have inputted all of my son's class info and it was super easy. One less thing I have to worry about! I will be purchasing again in the future for my other children. on 2nd Nov 2020

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